To Set the Record Straight....

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The River of Life Fellowship does not condone the practice of same sex marriage - in fact, we find it to be non-existent. In the tenets of Scripture, we can find no such provision for any practice of same sex marriage, ergo we, nor none of our affiliations, will perform, condone or allow same sex marriages to be performed or recognized by our entities without express Scriptural precedent for their occurrence. The burden of Scriptural precedent lies solely upon the requester of the the marriage.

If two people of the same gender wish to be united in LEGAL marriage, they will be sent to the nearest office of law for a justice of the peace ceremony, as the world does condone such activity.

If you have any questions, please refer to our statement of faith found at and look for the "about" link.

That being said, we also do not turn away anyone at our door, providing they are not a health or safety risk to our congregation. If you are a same gender relationship adherent or proponent, bear in mind, you WILL hear preaching that exposes such activity as sinful and to be avoided lest the consequence of hell be realized. While that is not the sole focus of this ministry, complete biblical truth is and truth will not be watered down to accommodate ANY sinful activity regardless of personal chosen offense to said truth.

God bless,

Pastor John Woolard

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