About Us

You've come to The River:  Here is who we are:

1. The Word of God is the Holy Bible. It is inerrant, written by God through man, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is the absolute by which we measure all things. We do not engage in activity that seeks to change, twist, interpret or adapt the Word of God to our standards - we only adapt our standards to The Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16, Rev 22:9,1 Tim 3:16, Heb 4:12, 2 Pet 1:20-21)

2. People are God's most precious commodity. While the Scriptures give us authority to rebuke and correct, in no instance does the Word of God make provision to do so at the expense of the person. Teachings that are incorrect must be addressed, but people must be loved. Love does NOT tear down a person, it builds a person. It is our responsibility before God to protect His most cherished creation. If God believes that we are important enough to give His most treasured relationship - His Son, Jesus - then we must also believe as He does if we are to be as He is. In His infinite wisdom, God has created a system where He needs everyone of us to complete His will. The only ones left behind should be those who willingly choose to remain as such.

3. Worship is not a segment of a Church service, but rather a lifestyle lived to glorify the King of Kings. Music, while an important portion of this lifestyle, is not the referendum on this lifestyle. It is all encompassing, all intrusive and should permeate all we do. Our walking witness of The Father in Heaven shows the lost and hurting the face of God - it is seen through His Children.

4. We exist to please the Father. In this simple statement, we encompass all of the requirements set forth in Scripture, in both the Old and New Testament.

5. Sin, once saved, is no longer a nature, but now a choice. We no longer have the nature of a sinner, but now possess the responsibility of a Saint.

6. God gave us the authority to reign and rule with Him in Glory. It is our to use, or ours to ignore.

7. Salvation is a free gift from God, and no one can take it from us, unless we willingly surrender it ourselves. Just as accepting His gift is our choice - so, too can our choice relinquish our Salvation.


8. We believe in the sanctity of marriage - one man, one woman - as God ordained. While we exclude no one in love, we adhere stringently to God's ordination of the marriage covenant. We will not acknowledge nor participate in the perversion of God's perfect union between man and wife - one man, one woman, in eternal covenant before The Lord Almighty. (Rev 21:8)